Neal – New York

Simple to use, effective in getting screws out where the head is soft.

I would recommend this to a friend

Great for removing damaged deck screws

Lars – North Carolina

I had to replace some composite decking and some of the screws were damaged and I used the extractor to remove them, excellent results, worked as well or better than the instructions

I would recommend this to a friend

It Works!

Christopher L.

I was changing outside light fixtures and inevitably I ran into a few screws that were stripped while trying to get them disconnected from our house. It was perfect timing for this to happen as I had just recently received this product to try. With that in mind, I have to say that I decided to put it to the test. I watched the above video and also the instructions and tried it out and it did what it purported to do and I was able to get the screws out that I needed to remove which I did not think would happen. It will be very interesting to see if it continues to work in the future, but so far I am simply excited that it worked on the project that I was working on thus far and I think you will be too!

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Geoffrey - New York

Stripped screw came out smoothly and easily with this tool on the first try. Even after reading the other positive reviews on this product, I expected to encounter some hurdles, there were none.

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W. Fitzpatrick - Wisconsin

Tried this out to remove stripped 3 inch stainless deck screws. Worked flawlessly. Drill side of extractor enlarged the stripped square drive hole perfectly. Extractor side easily held the screw while backing out.

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A drill bit you can count on

Laura Gee - New Jersey

I was so pleased with this item. The screw that had been tightly planted was easily removed. I am a single lady who dreaded having to ask a neighbor or the super to help me but this tool eliminated the need.

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Guest - Virginia

This tool was so simplet to use. It removed my stripped bolt in 2 seconds. I would highly recommend.

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walknblues - California

This is the best tool I have found to remove stripped screws. I would recommend this to a friend.

I would recommend this to a friend

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